More Music for Sport

Making Music for Sport

Making More Music for Sport


Harmonizing the Spirit of Sports and Music

At Champion Music Publishers®, we believe in the universal language of music — a language that transforms words and harmonies into a compelling expression of sound.

Sports, our entertainment, is crafted from raw exertion, skill, and the electrifying thrill of competition. By uniting these two formidable industries, we catalyze a magnificent explosion of talent, skill, and passion.

Our aim? To offer unparalleled entertainment that captivates energizes, and inspires our audiences worldwide.

Elevating Sports Events with Bespoke Anthems

Where Sport & Music Come Together!

We seek to create a greater relationship between sports and music.
Music is our language that takes words and harmonies and creates our compelling expression through sound. 

Sports is our entertainment created from exertion and skill and the thrill of competition.
When we bring these two great and successful industries together, we create a wonderful explosion of talent, skill, and passion that offers our publics unequaled entertainment.

Making More Music for Sport

Amplifying Reach through Licensing and Publishing

Licensing and Publishing

Champion Music Publishers® offers a comprehensive suite of licensing and publishing services. Whether you're looking to feature our music in your sports broadcasts or integrate our anthems into your marketing campaigns, we ensure that our music elevates your event's excitement and engagement.

Custom Music and Sound Design for Teams

Tailored Musical Compositions for Sports Events

Crafting the Soundtrack of Victory

Music, Anthems, made for Sporting Events. From the heart-pounding beats that precede a grand finale to the triumphant melodies that celebrate victory, each composition is crafted to enhance the sporting experience.

Custom Music and Sound Design for Teams

Forging Team Identities with Unique Soundtracks

Champion Music Publishers® collaborates with sports teams to forge their unique sonic identities. From entrance themes to victory songs, our custom music and sound design services ensure that every team stands out with its distinctive soundtrack.

Custom Music and Sound Design for Teams

A Harmonized Strategy for Success

At Champion Music Publishers®, our approach is holistic and tailored. We engage closely with our clients — sports leagues, teams, broadcasters, and event organizers — to understand their vision and objectives. Through collaborative workshops and strategic planning sessions, we ensure that our musical creations resonate with the spirit of the sport and its fans.

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